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I am a Nostalgic Artist & came up under the top 10 South African Nationwide upcoming artist awards April 2015. My biggest passion in life is teaching the art of creating and traveling to Europe to acquire & learn more skills and technique at all the places I have tied to capture on canvas. I am in a constant state of learning and would love to have the opportunity to master the skill of fine art, experience the street artist dream and travel to widen my artist horizon to the extent that I can of use and service as artist in Europe given the guidance and sponsorship of a Patron that could open these doors to me. My father did not allow me to take art at school as a subject sins he felt that one could not make money and I have proved him wrong in so many ways and he would have been proud but I Lost both my parents when I was 25. Been married a bit more than a year now, and my hubby does all my & my students frames, it is a real blessing I am also Bipolar turned away from the corporate words for the last 4 years and have been sustaining myself full time from my art & classes, I have given up a quantity life for a quality one. And I do love the high’s that gives me great elevated though patterns and lovely ideas and it is not a curse but a blessing in disguised. It has been a hard and dark road but at the end the positive that came out of it is a true blessing. I am also a Poet, Writer & song writer and have published two poetry books by forum publishers . And busy with a motivational creative book at the moment as well as a Art effects Manual that will be accredited.

I am a Free lance Trainer & Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator with ETDP Seta. Give Training on a freelance basis & have been involved with various learnerships. I studied Interior design (Diploma) and received private tutoring from known artist like Magda De Waal and Riaan Bosh and Lukas de Wit, Elme Eksteen and JJ Bronkorst. I did various courses in wall and decorative mural painting effects at Dulux & Plascon. I have been teaching the arts for the last 15 years. My Demo based workshops are very popular. My students are able to paint independently within a remarkable short time. I do not hold any information or skills back and teach them all I know.

Styles I have paint with
Oil paint, Pallet Knife affects impasto Mix media and Acrylic pigments
- Mediterranean seascape buildings Italian & French country landscapes
- French decorative still lives Texture paste work & chalk paint effects
- Tuscany & Provence Architectural buildings & street café scenes
- Celtic & medieval gothic designs Flowers, landscapes and still life’s
- Drawing charcoal & pastel Portraits Faces and draping

- Exhibitions with other artist at hAp Gallery (House of Afrikaans Poetry) 2003 - 2008
- Magnolia dell Art market 1999 - 2005;
- Group exhibition at the Centurion Art gallery 2005 & 2012.
- Solo Exhibition at Creative Studio’s 1999
- Dullstroom Art Gallery 2007
- Pretoria and JHB Rand show Bloemfontein Show 2007 to 2012
- 5th Avenue Art 2006 to date (My own Studio and Gallery)
- Porthie Gallery 2007 and 2012
- Kuns huisie Krugersdorp 2008 to 2010
- Capital Park Art Meander festivals 2006 to 2014
- HAP house for Afrikaans poetry 2008 to date
- Innibos festival 2010
- Artist café in Sabie up to now
- Monti Casino Street artist 2011 to 2013
- Niccy B Art Gallery 2012
- Lucit restaurant gallery 2012
- Spain Olivia 2010 up till now
- Transoranje Christmas market 2014 Unica Market 2014
- Provance Market 2013 up to now
- Upcoming artist award event 2015 under top 10
- Studio 14 Cullinan 2016

Experience in the field
I have been involve with teaching art with various up liftment programmers and disadvantage groups as a sideline for the past 4 years & have 10 years experience at summer fields arts & crafts as craft products rep, manager & teacher and was a street artist @ Monti casino for 2 years where I sold 283 art works in that time over weekends mainly consisting of impasto Tuscany artworks. I have more than 15 years experiences in teaching arts. I am also a Poet & song writer & musician. I travel to various venues for art classes and most of my marketing is done through social media.

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